Womb to the Wild 1 hour private editing mentoring online

$500.00 - On Sale

We are now offering one hour personal Skype sessions with you to teach you how Mary takes her sooc image and turns it into works of art.

This will cover all of her editing techniques to achieve her image quality and look for indoor and outdoor images.

She will cover white balance, hue and saturation, levels, sharpening, bokeh, highlights, center focus light, vignettes, and more.
She will show you which 4 actions she uses and then watch her transform her work even more with some new hand edit techniques.

She will edit 2 outdoor images and 2 indoor images from beginning to end. She will also show you a fast way to template your images for advertising and blogging as well.

This session will be on Skype and she will share her screen with you so you can see up close and personal on your own screen her screen live as she works. You will be able to ask questions and speak to her during this time as well.

The session will be scheduled at your convienence. We are allowing international students to sign up, and Mary will have an open window from 2am-6am EST USA time to edit with you as well.
The USA students will be scheduled between noon and 9pm Mon-Friday based on your own personal schedules.
Once purchased, you will be booked within 48hrs with your scheduled time which will take place within 2 weeks of the purchase date.

There are no refunds on this purchase. If you can not make your first scheduled date, we will reschedule to a later one at no extra cost.